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Steam Splash is a free global online learning platform created by Stormgears, a leading robotics team in the United States.

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We aim to be the leading provider for free, educational content.

Course Samples

A solid team is needed to complete any task in life.

Learn how to build your own team from students at Stormgears, one of the largest and most successful robotics teams in the New England area.

Learn about computer science basics from the leading programmers here at Stormgears! This course brings students from no knowledge to a basic understanding of computer science. 

Learn robotics from five-time world’s winners from the Stormgears Robotics team. Combined, with over a century of experience, you will be sure to learn soemthing.

FIRST Lego League coaches from around the New England area are teaching courses to engage students on former years’ challenges to prepare you for this year’s challenge.

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