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The Steam Splash Vision

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We Are Stormgears

A globally renowned robotics team

STEAM Splash is an outreach project of the award-winning Stormgears FIRST Robotics team based out of Devens, Massachusetts. We are a 501c non-profit organization of 50+ high school students and more than a dozen adult volunteer mentors from around Middlesex County in Massachusetts. Founded in 2014 by a group mostly composed of high school freshmen, we were excited to build big robots and learn a lot. Even that first year, we had a focus on community outreach, keen to inspire a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in underprivileged students both locally and around the world. Many of our team members were blessed with exposure to and education in these fields at a young age, and we were determined to apply our gift to helping others.

Why Steam Splash?

Recognizing the shortage of skilled engineers and scientists in the United States and the challenges of structural unemployment, we hoped to instill an awe and enthusiasm for these high-demand disciplines akin to the adoration children often feel for entertainment and sports icons.  With this vision in mind, we began to organize outreach events, setting up booths at local road races and farmers’ markets to draw interest for STEAM in our community. In December, we hosted our own outreach event at a local library for elementary school children to participate in  activities and contests. For several hours, we engaged almost fifty kids with a paper airplane contest, a spaghetti and marshmallow construction challenge, and a LEGO robotics competition. Even the shyest kids opened up and truly enjoyed our activities. We repeated this model at many more events, reaching from local businesses to as far as India.
STEAM Splash, J. V. Fletcher Library, Westford, MA. December 2014.
The overwhelming success of these events led us to develop a way to upscale our impact. We created our new STEAM Splash model by productizing our events and developing viral distribution models that harness the passion of our team and other robotics teams around the world to engage with younger students. During the second and third quarters of 2017, we are piloting an enhanced “In-A-Box” activities curriculum along with an interactive online platform. We will roll out our concept to schools and after-school programs near the end of this year. STEAM Splash gives us the ability to scale our passion, and massively promote STEAM education around the world by exciting one child at a time.

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